The Muslim Funeral Service

Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection

QUR'AN 3:185

The WTG Funeral Service

  • What we need to know before death happens
  • When there is death in the family
  • Guidelines on servicing a janaza
  • Forms to complete to engage the WTG service
  • Family representative
  • Family involvement in the preparation for burial

The WTG Janaza Waqf

  • Terms and conditions for joining the Waqf
  • Donating members obligations and entitlement
  • Waqf membership application pack

Training in preparing a mayt for burial

  • Training the trainers in community workshops
  • Training individuals & groups to service their loved one
  • Male and Female teams

The WTG MFS Coordinators

  • WTG MFS Northland
  • WTG MFS Auckland
  • WTG MFS Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne
  • WTG MFS Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington

WTG Muslim burial areas

  • Manukau Memorial Gardens – South Auckland
  • Waikumete Cemetery – West Auckland
  • Wainui Cemetery – Rodney Ward, Auckland
  • Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei
  • Conditions of the grave plots
  • Prices of Graves


  • Location
  • Orientation
  • Structure
  • Burial Requirements
  • Markings and decor


  • The WTG MFS Information Booklet
  • MCCD
  • Coroner’s Report
  • Special Cases