The Muslim Funeral Service

Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection

QUR'AN 3:185

It has become essential to establish a Muslim Funeral Service (aka Janaza Service) in an area where several Muslims are residing and have become part of the population of that City, Town, or district. Death is a guaranteed phenomenon we will all be facing when the unexpected call arrives. Having a Muslim Funeral Service (MFS) facility with close proximity will provide that peace of mind to the Muslim residents living, contributing and being part of the multi-ethnic composition of that area. We have two dedicated and equipped janaza hearses to service the burial needs of Muslims in Auckland. MFS provides a free janaza service of transportation, ritual body wash (ghusl), shrouding (kafan) and the grave plaque. The bereaved family is only required to pay all the cemetery charges for the grave plot, the digging charges, and the monument fees, which will be the current cost price from the Auckland City Council. Washing and shrouding after death is an OBLIGATORY DUTY (Fardh Kifayah). It is the obligation of the family to fulfil all the requirements like Ghusl (body wash), Kafan (shroud) and burial of any member of their family. In the event of no family or if the family is not in the means to fulfil this obligation, it then becomes the responsibility of the community to see to all these requirements. What Does the MFS Include:
  • WTG MFS will pick up the deceased (mayt) from the place of death and transport it to the place of ghusl and kafan. We encourage the next of kin to get fully involved with the ghusl and kafan of their departed loved one.
  • MFS will also transport the mayt to the Cemetery and bury them in the dedicated Muslim grave section.
  • At the cemetery, the next of kin will once again be required to enter the grave and position their loved one in their final resting place.
  • The MFS team will be present to supervise and guide the family in fulfilling all the Islamic requirements of the entire burial procedure.
WTG has replicated its MFS model in a number of NZ towns offering them training and providing them with supplies.You can learn more about the performance and achievements of the MFS by accessing the 2022/2023 WTG MFS report To contact the WTG MFS, please email us on